Do you have a Scrapbookers' Corner, a little nook where you have eaked out a space for your self and your hobby? Well, step into my virtual Corner and explore some new techniques, find some interesting ideas and have some fun. Remember to check back often. My Corner is growing, just like yours.

The Scrapbookers' Corner

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Club Parties - $6 per person

Many clubs do wonderful things to support children in our community and being a member of them make for memories that will last a lifetime. Holding a scrapbooking party is a great way to preserve these memories.


Each child will complete a 6 x 6 layout related to the theme of the group. This may be:

  • Brownies
  • Girl Guides
  • Cubs
  • Scouts
  • Church Youth Groups
  • etc


A minimum of 12 people