Do you have a Scrapbookers' Corner, a little nook where you have eaked out a space for your self and your hobby? Well, step into my virtual Corner and explore some new techniques, find some interesting ideas and have some fun. Remember to check back often. My Corner is growing, just like yours.

The Scrapbookers' Corner

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Party Ideas


Scrapbooking is a great theme for a party. You can get together with a few friends, spend the evening visiting and being creative and everyone walks away with a treasured memory. Below are some ideas for party themes, although a party can be crafted around any idea that you have.


Weekend Retreats - $155 per person plus hotel costs

If you want a weekend away with your friends, I will do all the work and you just have to show up.

Crop Nights - $20 per person (includes dinner)

Gather at least 6 of your friends together for an evening creative fun.

Girls' Night Out - $20 per person

Do you need a night out with your friends, but want to try something different? An evening of scrapbooking is just the ticket.

Wedding Showers - $12 per page per person

What a better way to celebrate an upcoming wedding than to gather together and create a scrapbook of memories?

Baby Showers - $12 per page per person

A wonderful way to celebrate an upcoming birth is by scrapbooking memories. Life is so busy with a baby in the house, it's hard to remember to take the pictures, let alone scrapbook them.

Kids' Birthday Parties - $12 per child

Available to children aged 10 and up, this party offers a fun way to spend an afternoon, with memories of the day built in.

Team Parties - $12 per child

Some of the wonderful things about team sports are the friends that you make on the team and individual photos that you receive to commemorate the year. How about taking these photos and making a scrapbook layout from them, instead of losing track of them over the years?

Club Parties - $6 per child

Many clubs do wonderful things to support children in our community and being a member of them make for memories that will last a lifetime. Holding a scrapbooking party is a great way to preserve these memories.