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February 2010 Pajama Crop

On February 27, 2010 we held our first Pajama Crop. As expected, it was tons of fun. The participants followed the instructions below and then uploaded photos of their layouts when complete


The instructions and pictures for the crop will appear on this page, one step at a time starting at 7:30pm every day. Each step will end with the time that the next step will appear. If you keep this page open in your web browser, be sure to refresh / reload your page after the assigned time and then scroll down to get the next instructions to appear.


Have fun!


Check out our discussion board to view the supply list and all other information related to this crop. Then, while you are cropping you can use the board to ask questions and make comments or even chat with each other while cropping. Have fun!

NOTE: Before we start, I'd like to recommend that you do not adhere any of this layout together (not even photos to mats) until it is complete.

Here are the papers that I have chosen to use for this project.