Do you have a Scrapbookers' Corner, a little nook where you have eaked out a space for your self and your hobby? Well, step into my virtual Corner and explore some new techniques, find some interesting ideas and have some fun. Remember to check back often. My Corner is growing, just like yours.

The Scrapbookers' Corner

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February 2011 Pajama Crop

This Pajama Crop begins each day at 7:00pm.


At this Pajama Crop you will create a layout to show places of interest or importance to you. Your theme can be:

  • Home Town
  • Around the Block
  • My Town
  • My Neighbourhood
  • Where I Spend my Time
  • etc

The instructions and pictures for the crop will appear on this page, one step at a time starting at 7:00pm. Each step will end with the time that the next step will appear. If you keep this page open in your web browser, be sure to refresh / reload your page after the assigned time and then scroll down to get the next instructions to appear.


Have fun!


NOTE: Before we start, I'd like to recommend that you do not adhere any of this layout together (not even photos to mats) until it is complete.

Here are the papers that I have chosen to use for this project.


And here are the embellishments.



Supply List

You will need the following:

  • Cardstock, 4 colours
  • Pattern paper, 4 co-ordinating pieces
  • Embellishments
  • A map of your home town, approx. 5" x 5". It can be the area you live, the area you frequent, your favourite area, where you work etc. You can print from Google or use a city map.
  • Remember to include items that will add interest to your layout such as: distressing tools, inks, fibres, ribbons, chipboard, metal, wood, embossing powders - just to name a few.
  • Tiny binder clips (I bought mine at Dollarama)
  • Extra fine permanent marker
  • Laminate samples (you can get free sample pieces in the kitchen area of Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) Choose a sample that is light but will go with your paper colours. Grab a few just in case.

PrintStep 1:

Time: Approximately 5 minutes.

Choose your base colour cardstock and set aside. Now, using a different colour cardstock, cut it to 6" x 11½".

Note: Feel free to use patterns where I use cardstock and cardstock where I use patterns.

Next step will be posted at 7:05pm.


PrintStep 2:

Time: Approximately 5 minutes.

Using your four pattern papers, cut each pattern twice at 3" x 5 ¾ ", giving you eight pieces.

Step 2

Next step will be posted at 7:10pm.


PrintStep 3:

Time: Approximately 10 minutes.

Starting at the bottom of your 6" x 11½" cardstock arrange your eight pieces overlapping each other and rearrange until you like the way the papers work together. Leave room at the top for a title.

Step 3

Next step will be posted at 7:20pm.


PrintStep 4:

Time: Approximately 30 minutes.

Starting with the bottom piece of the 8 pieces, slice or tear on an angle from one side to the other. Repeat for each of the 8 pieces, but change sides that the angle is on for alternate pieces. These are pockets. You will only glue the bottoms and sides of each pocket. Set aside.

Step 4

Next step will be posted at 7:50pm.


PrintStep 5:

Time: Approximately 30 minutes.

Using your map, you will somehow highlight the points of interest. I chose areas around town that I frequent regularly and highlighted them using cardstock rings. Other options that come to mind are arrows or stars. I will be interested to see your different ideas.

Step 5

Next step will be posted at 8:20pm.


PrintStep 6:

Time: Approximately 10 minutes.

Mat your photo(s) to fit on the page.

Next step will be posted at 8:30pm.


PrintStep 7:

Time: Approximately 30 minutes.

Now you will make tags for the pockets. Make at least one tag for each area you highlighted on the map. Add some journalling to each tag explaining your highlighted points of interest. Add your personal touch by double matting, embellishing, distressing, etc.


Next step will be posted at 9:00pm.


PrintStep 8:

Time: Approximately 10 minutes.

You will now make a mini-clipboard. Using the laminate piece of wood and permanent marker, list your areas of interest. This will be your legend. Decorate the mini binder clip and add it to your laminate piece.

Mini Clipboard

Next step will be posted at 9:10pm.


PrintStep 9:

Time: Approximately 30 minutes.

Create your title

Next step will be posted at 9:40pm.


PrintStep 10:

Time: Approximately 20 minutes.

Assemble and adhere your layout.

My layout will appear here at 10:00pm.