Do you have a Scrapbookers' Corner, a little nook where you have eaked out a space for your self and your hobby? Well, step into my virtual Corner and explore some new techniques, find some interesting ideas and have some fun. Remember to check back often. My Corner is growing, just like yours.

The Scrapbookers' Corner

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Pajama Crops


Our Pajama Crops are a fun way to add a twist to your scrapbooking. Choose from one of the crops below, prepare your materials and be ready at the time that the crop starts. Every few minutes you will be presented with a new step until the layout is completed. You can do the Pajama Crop on your own or get together with friends. It is a chance to have some fun and maybe learn some new techniques.


When these Pajama Crops are originally run a message board is available for your to be able to chat with other people doing the crop and I (Margie) am online to answer questions. Feel free to try these past crops until a new one is posted.

February 2011 Pajama Crop


At this Pajama Crop you will create a layout to show places of interest or importance to you. Your theme can be:

  • Home Town
  • Around the Block
  • My Town
  • My Neighbourhood
  • Where I Spend my Time
  • etc

February 2010 Pajama Crop


This was our first Pajama Crop. We created our layouts using the theme "Now and Then".